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Fueling Success with Passion and Expertise


Lilla O'Connor is a dynamic professional who thrives on surpassing expectations and unlocking new levels of achievement. With a proven track record of excellence, she brings a unique blend of expertise and unwavering dedication to every endeavor.
With a solid foundation in marketing and communications across diverse industries, Lilla has consistently demonstrated her ability to adapt and excel in dynamic environments. Her passion for running and conquering challenges extends beyond her professional life. As a dedicated marathon runner, she embraces the discipline and determination required to push boundaries and achieve extraordinary results.

Current Projects

Lilla's portfolio reflects her versatility and expertise through a variety of projects. She contributes insights to Decanter, a respected global wine magazine, and consults on a winery sustainability management system at Positive Impact Concept. besides freelance business consultancy projects running with wineries globally. Lilla provides support behind the scenes at, enhancing outreach strategies. Beyond her work in the wine industry, she also offers professional consultancy services, including guidance for dental practices.

Past Projects

Lilla's portfolio includes contributions to the launch of Steven Spurrier's Academy du Vin Library. She was instrumental in re-establishing the presence of quality Hungarian wines in the UK. This was highlighted by founding and establishing Wines of Hungary UK in 2014, including co-founding Furmint February UK in 2018. Additionally, she played a pivotal role in launching the Pure Orthodontics brand helping go launch Invisalign in Essex in 2012, following her full-time positions as Marketing Manager at The University of the Arts' Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design and her project management role working on rationalising BT Global Services's portfolio.

Lilla O'Connor's enduring commitment to excellence and innovation makes her an invaluable partner for any business seeking growth, enhanced customer engagement, and sustainable success.

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